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Newton's law of motion and there's three laws

In this article we're going to talk about Newton's law of motion and there's three laws that we're going to go over let's talk about the first law so what exactly does Newton's first law of motion of state well one part states this an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by a force particularly an unbalanced force so let's say if we have a surface and if there's a box on a surface if we don't apply a force this box will not move all the forces that are currently acting on this box cancel they're balanced forces for example you have.

The weight force of the box let's say the box has a mass of 10 kilograms to calculate the weight force it's equal to M times G M is the mass in kilograms G is the gravitational acceleration so M is 10 kilograms G is 9.8 meters per second squared that is the acceleration due to gravity so the weight force is simply 10 times 9.8 so it's equal to 98 Newton's gravity exerts a downward weigh…

What is sound all details and information of Science

Okay dear insurance so welcome to our new chapter strains look at this photograph what do you see here strange we'll see a lot of musical instruments see this is a musical instrument this is a musical instrument this is a musical instrument this you know so you can see different type of musical instruments on this photograph asteroids why why we are seeing at these many type of musical instruments here because trends the next chapter which we are going to study here is called sound it's called sound it's a very important chapter Sprint's.

And a very interesting one as well so sprints let's start and let's start this chapter with full energy and full enthusiasm so it rains so the first important point here to see about sound is that sound is a form of energy strange sound is a form of energy so sweets by now we know about many forms of energy can you name a few of them strange this kind netic energy right this kinetic energy what is kinda crazy students can you…