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I'll take an example of a computer network and show you how does

I'll take an example of a computer network and show you how does  the actual things work in computer networks let's say you are in India and this is somewhere somewhere in one network Airtel network in India and this is your host host means your computer see this is the network let's assume this is the atl network in some region in india and this is your host and this is a process okay process so what is it network and within the network there are many hosts and one of the hosts is your computer and the other one is you know it's in a host there are many processes and one process is you have opened your web browser and you have type now you want to go to Google and get a web page and assume that Google's Google's network is in California somewhere in US and this is the network in which Google is present and now inside that network one of the server is Google server this is the host and one of the

process is this server which you want to connect w…
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Neanderthal they barely touch the mouse their screen lights

[Applause] you know we all have that one friend or co-worker whose computer skills make us feel like a Neanderthal they barely touch the mouse their screen lights up with all kinds of tasks and boxes and their fingers go lightning-fast on that keyboard they even have time to casually chat with Siri or cart Anna and stream games afterwards but this is no sorcery your friend is simply a whiz when it comes to hotkeys and you can be too let's start with a skill every computer maestro needs to know number one create a virtual.

Desktop imagine you're in the middle of some work project or research you've been doing all day when you need to deal with another task immediately opening new tabs and windows will just slow you down and mess up your workflow so you need a new clean desktop well just press the Windows key + ctrl + D or ctrl + up if you use a Mac it'll switch to a new fresh desktop and you are ready to go number two switch between virtual desktops okay but where is al…

Hey guys this is DG today we are going to learn about OSI

Hdeley guys this is DG today we are going to learn about OSI model or open system interconnection model so let's start OSI defines and is used to understand how data is transferred from one computer to another in a computer network in the most basic form two computers connected to each other with LAN cable and connectors sharing data with the help of network interface card forms a network but if one computer is based on Microsoft Windows.

And the other one has Mac OS installed then how these two computers are going to communicate with each other in order to accomplish successful communication between computers or networks or different architectures seven layer OSI models or open system interconnection model was introduced by International Organization for Standardization in 1984 containing application layer presentation layer session layer transport layer network layer data link layer and physical layer note that each layer is a package of protocols if I say application layer then…

The desktop is what you will see first each time

The desktop is what you will see first each time you log into Windows there are two parts to the desktop firstly there is the large space that occupies most of the screen this usually contains icons that open some programs this is also where your programs will appear once you have opened them secondly the taskbar is located at the bottom of the page this strip contains several parts so we'll look at it in more detail the taskbar is the thin strip at the bottom of the desktop it contains a number of parts at the left is a circle with the Windows logo in it this is the Start menu which we'll look at in a moment next our program icons such as Internet.

Explorer Windows Explorer and Windows Media Player clicking once on any of these will open up each of these default programs if you have any other programs open for example Microsoft Word you can see the icons for these along the rest of the taskbar at the right hand side of the taskbar our administrative icons for your computer t…

MCQs related to the fundamentals of computer

Hey guys welcome to education for you so guys this video is all about the basics of computer ok so we will discuss different MCQs and this FC gives our basics of computer fundamentals of computer knowledge ok and this fundamental of computer knowledge questions are asked in each and every competitive exam that you are appearing or if you want to appear so these questions are helpful for any kind of competitive exam so it is helpful for any state level exam then.

SSC Railway or any kind of competitive exam where you are appearing ok so keep on watching this video till the end and we will discuss total 600 mcq and we will discuss it in different parts so in this part means in today's part we will discuss 100 MCQs related to the fundamentals of computer so without wasting any moment let's jump right into the video so question number one is Unova is what so what is the full form of.

UNIVAC ok so the full form of univac is number is the correct answer universal automatic computer …

let's separate these into two categories simple ones

CPU RAM hard drive and graphics cards these are the fundamental parts of any desktop computer it may seem daunting at first so let's separate these into two categories simple ones and the more complex ones for starters let's look at the case the case is nothing more than a big hunk of plastic that houses everything else some of them have more or less physical space some of them have different parts where you can put screws in or this or that but at the end of the day all the case really does is provide a nice enclosed system for everything else next up we have the power supply this part of your computer almost always located.

On the bottom is the part that plugs into the wall and provides all of the other parts with the electricity needed to do their thing you can think of it as an extremely advanced AC adapter the last of the simple parts to mention is the motherboard the motherboard is a wide and flat circuit board that all of the other components plug into it's the par…